Thursday, October 8, 2015


Don’t you love that so many things are easily available through technology and the Internet?  When it comes to the interior design world it is very helpful as I am able to help design spaces from many miles away.  So when some good friends of ours, who happen to live in Chicago, contacted me to help them with the Family Room in their new home I knew the best option for them would be the Designs Online service.  If you are curious, the Designs Online service are provided with a Virtual Design Board giving you a visual of the room put together, a furniture plan with details and a shopping list with specific information about the items and where to buy them.

She sent me measurements, photos of the room and inspiration pictures of the décor style she likes.  Also knowing they have a beautiful 2-year old daughter, the most adorable baby boy and two sweet pups I needed to make sure to use items that will hide stuff, hold up well and not be too expensive or fragile as it will take some abuse!  I am a true believer in having your home be beautiful and family friendly at the same time and all at a price that is not too harsh on your wallet!

Here is the design board and furniture plan.  You can see we kept the color tones neutral with pops of metallics…golds, silvers and iron. 

The garden stools and ottomans will provide additional seating when they entertain.  And the ottomans are not only used for the coffee table and extra seats but also provide storage for whatever they may need.  It would be a great place to hide a few of the kid’s toys!

The furniture is a darker gray and taupe to hopefully hold up with the wear and tear it may eventually see.  Since it is a bit darker I used a tall floor lamp and two large antiqued glass lamps to brighten up the room and the tall floor mirror will bounce light off and help it to feel more open.

You can see from the furniture plan that one of the challenges of this room is that it is extremely long…as in 25-feet long.  So I chose to do two separate seating spaces.  One that gives them a space to relax and watch TV and another with accent chairs to sit and chat with a guest or just kick your feet up and read a good book (or gossip magazine!).  Having two different rugs helps to create two spaces in one room that coordinate and flow together but also can be seen as their own individual areas if needed.

Here it is one more time.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Do you think something like this can be helpful for you?  The benefits of the Designs Online service is that you get the advice of a professional no matter where you may reside, you can purchase the items on your time schedule and it is a more cost conscious interior design service!  And if you like to DIY but want the guidance and information provided to you this is the perfect option!

If you are interested in Designs Online please contact me at  Hope to hear from you soon!