Thursday, June 25, 2015


What are your thoughts on formal Dining Rooms…love them or leave them?  Many people are finding a different use for these rooms or are eliminating them all together.  My personal opinion…I love them!

It’s not that it gets used very often but we did not have one in our last house and I wish that we had.  I love changing the décor in them and although we are not elegant people, having one makes me feel like one day we will throw fancy dinner parties!  #yeahright #agirlcandreamright

Also, I knew this would be one of MY spaces in the house.  Not that my other half really cares too much about design but I generally give him options and get his approval on major decisions.  But in here…I got free reign!!

Let’s start from the beginning.  Here is the before…the Dining Room when we first bought the house.

Where do I begin with all that is wrong in here?  First, the flesh colored paint below the chair rail and on the ceiling is just plain disgusting.  Then there is the chandelier.  Not only is it a metallic peach finish with peach and cream swirled glass shades but it is entirely too small for the space.  And last but MOST certainly not least is the maroon striped and damask print wallpaper.  Don’t be jealous this isn’t on your Dining Room walls!!!  One thing was for sure, it all HAD to go and fast!

Compared to the rest of our home I wanted this room to be more dramatic and glamorous!  The color tones needed to be graphite, white, gold and polished chrome mixed with mirrors and some natural elements.

The wallpaper was removed and we used Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray for the paint on the walls and kept all of the ceilings and trim a nice, crisp white.  When it comes to lighting I am obsessed with the look of two chandeliers over a dining table.  So the awful peach chandelier was replaced with two champagne gold lantern light fixtures.

The table was a gift from my in-laws that we had in our last house but the chairs that went with it were brown leather parsons chairs.  They didn’t exactly go with the new décor so they were replaced them with these linen upholstered chairs.  They are such a classic piece of furniture and will go with everything!

Now for the wall décor.  One wall has a framed family photo with a mirrored sconce on either side that I spray-painted.  The back wall was a challenge as it is so large and I knew to fill the space I would need something large, which generally means it’s going to be expensive.  And I didn’t have much in the budget for that.  So I decided a DIY project was in order!  I ordered some 36x48 blank canvases and painted them.  And I love how they turned out!  Simple and understated but the metallic gold paint adds a touch of glam to tie into the room.

Here is the Dining Room at this point.  I was satisfied with it but not over the moon excited about it.

So, over the last couple of months I have been working on completing it.  I added draperies and a rug.  What a difference some softness and texture makes.  Speaking of draperies…I am in L-O-V-E with these!  I knew I wanted a print in here but because of the height, if I had done the entire panel in a print it would have been overwhelming.  So I opted to break it up and do a solid fabric at the top of the panel and a band of the printed fabric at the bottom.  Cheetah print is a pattern I am really into these days and this one happened to be in the perfect colors!

The small little corner of the room was all that was left.  This is where I hung the updated mirror from Oliver’s nursery.  And below that is the bar cart.  You can see my previous post about bar carts here.  I chose to style it traditionally and I think the detail and color really adds some pop to this otherwise plain and boring corner.

So what do you think…before?

Or after?

Do you think our Dining Room went from drab to fab?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


What a crazy last couple of weeks it has been!  I have finished up a lot of my projects around the house and have a lot to share with you.  As I have said before no space is ever 100% complete but these are finished enough to make me excited about them!

The first project I am going to share with you is the patio coffee table update.   Ideally, I would have replaced it (along with a lot of our outdoor furniture) but that is not really in our budget at the moment.  I am all about making things over on a budget so I knew a little paint and elbow grease could make a huge improvement!  It started out as a dark brown stained slat table.

It looked great for a little while but after the Texas sun had a couple of years with it the table looked very faded and worn.  And unfortunately, not in that great, worn vintage way!  Can you see my sad face behind my words?!?

We have a lot of darker pieces on the patio so I knew I did not want to re-stain it a similar color.  So I opted to paint it off-white, slightly distress it, and put a light brown glaze over it.

The first stage was to wipe it down and get it primed.

After the primer was dry I painted the table.  It took 3 coats to completely cover it.  Then came the distressing part.  To do this I took sandpaper to the corners and edges after the paint had dried.  I had never done this before so I was a little nervous about how it would go but it wasn’t too painful at all.  It is true that you really can’t screw it up!  Here is an up close picture because it is not super noticeable from far away.

Time to glaze!  I put a generous amount on the entire table. 

Because I wanted a subtler look I only let the glaze set for about five minutes before wiping it off.  Had I left it on longer it would have ended up darker but I was going for a little more of a contrast with the other furniture we have out there.

And here it is set up after it was all dry! 

I am so happy I decided to give it a makeover instead of buying a new one.  I love how it turned out!

Monday, June 8, 2015


Projects, projects, projects!  The rain has finally stopped in Texas so I have been busy finishing up some things to bring a few spaces in our house to completion.  Let’s get real…with changing trends and a being an interior design lover no room will ever REALLY be finished!

In our Dining Room, I needed something to hang on the wall above the bar cart.  So into my Décor/Guest Bedroom closet I went to shop!  I found a mirror that I bought several years ago for Oliver’s nursery.  This picture is not the exact mirror but similar to what it looked like in it's original state.

The bronze didn’t go with the look I wanted in his nursery so I painted it white and hung it above the glider in his room.

Well, it is getting another makeover and will be a gilded mirror at the end of it all!

So I taped off the mirror, set up shop on the patio and got to spray painting.  It really did not take me long at all...maybe 20 minutes.  The prep work, clean up and especially the drying time always seem to take the longest! 

Here it is hanging on the wall! 

As much as I love buying new things for the house, I also love recycling items that I already own so they seem new again.  So this project was a definite success for me!  I will have the bar cart set up and accessorized very soon so you can see it all together!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


One of my favorite trends over the last several years is bar carts.  They can be used and purposed for so many different things.  And there are so many styles of them as well…from vintage to industrial to modern and bright.  I just feel like they add a different and fun touch to your space.  Below are some that I have found and how different people have styled them.

As I discussed in my previous post about our coffee bar we have a large coffee maker so a bar cart would not suffice for us but I love the idea of creating a coffee bar with one, especially if you don’t have a ton of Kitchen space.

Another popular item right now is freestanding tubs (I’m dying to redo our bathroom so I can have one)!  But where do you put towels, bubble bath and everything else you need?  A bar cart would be perfect for this!

You can also use a more industrial looking one to store office items.

Or how about keeping one outside to house plants or fresh herbs?  I am updating our patio now and will most definitely be on the hunt for one for our patio!

And there is the obvious, classic way to style them…as an actual bar. 

I knew I wanted one and was determined to find a place for one in our current home.  So I decided to use it the good old-fashioned way and put one in the Dining Room.  My Dining Room is one of the more fancy, glamorous rooms in our house so I chose this one from ZGallerie.  It is a polished chrome frame with mirrored trays…GORGEOUS!!

ZGallerie Metropolitan Bar Cart

What do you guys think?  I will show you in the next couple of weeks what I come up with on how to style it.