Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Between Kindles and IPads and other computerized devices do you ever feel like technology has taken over picking up an actual book?  Fortunately, that is not the case for my son.  Oliver, my 4-year-old, loves to read (can’t complain about that!) and with that comes a lot of children’s books. 

When I redecorated his nursery to a big boy room this was one problem I wanted a solution for.  And of course I wanted a cute and creative way to display them…duh!  Kids books are full of color and since they are all different shapes and sizes they make for great kids room décor.  Here are some cute ways I came across to store books in a playroom or kids bedroom.

A bright Utility cart is perfect for storing books and since it is on rollers it can easily be moved from one place to another.

This wagon from Restoration Hardware is adorable!  You can easily make it sentimental by using your own wagon from when you were a child or find one that coordinates with the style of the room.  The options are limitless!

I have also seen picture ledges used for this type of storage a lot.  You can get simple white ones or paint them a variety of colors for a little more excitement!

The route I chose to go was by using spice racks.  They are very similar to picture ledges but are generally shorter in length and have a bar across the front to help keep the books from falling.  I needed something for the walls versus the floor and didn’t have a lot of wall space so this was perfect.  There are so many tutorials on the web on how to create this project and it really was very easy.

I measured the space and purchased five of these spice racks from IKEA. 

Since they came unfinished I put them together, which was surprisingly easy to do, grabbed some gray paint I had in our paint cabinet and slapped a couple of coats on them.

After they were all dry I hung them on the wall and put up some books!

Not all of his books can be stored here but it is great for grabbing a bedtime story and I think it looks pretty cute too!  Where do you keep all of your kids’ books?