Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This beautiful Tuesday is a project day for me!  Last week I shared with you the spicerack bookshelves in Oliver’s room and today I am updating a different project I completed. 

Oliver has had a love for trains for the last couple of years so we put a wood children’s table in his room that has a train table on the top of it.  One thing this boy mom has discovered is that with a train table comes A LOT of trains…like every single Thomas the Train character!  #whatevermakesthemhappyright  I wanted the trains and train tracks to have their own home so they weren’t mixed in with all of his other toys so I decided on the ever-so-popular wooden crates to store them in.  I ordered these unfinished ones from Home Depot so I could do what I wanted to with them.

The first go around I stained them with a warmer brown color and used a black glaze, which ended up being similar in color to the table.  And because they were going under the table the wash of brown wood drove me crazy.  It was just so boring.  They were not bought together and I wanted them to be different from each other.

Now that I am finally getting around to finishing up his room #ayearlater I am refinishing the crates.  To make them stand out from the table I painted them black.  They also needed to be easier to move in and out so I drilled some holes and added rope handles and put casters on the bottom. 

And here they are now under the table.  I hope Mr. Oliver likes them!

I like the look of it so much better now that there is contrast.  And since the update was free and they function better, it's a win-win overall!